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Anti Spam Solution
SpamAssassin the Hosted Antispam Antivirus Email Security Solution gives you the power to monitor and filter e-mail traffic to protect your organisation from virus infected emails, spam mails, junk emails and wasted bandwidth right at the Internet level. It provides virus-free and spam-free mail. All the unwanted emails (containing spam and virus) are filtered on our hosted server before they reach your mail server and the recipients.

SpamAssassin the managed email security service protects your email infrastructure from SPAM and Viruses by operating at the Internet level, close to the source of email threats. It filters every message in seconds before it is even

So, it improves the reliability of your email infrastructure by removing the threat of disruption, filtering the spam emails and stops the viruses. And it reduces your total cost of ownership of an email security solution, by helping to boost user productivity and reducing the burden on your IT resources.

It removes the day-to-day need for you to spend time managing the risks of email. But it does provide the management control and information you need for understanding your email traffic, how it's being used, the threats and protection levels. So your people are free to concentrate on issues and activities that deliver value to the business.

Fast and easy to implement, managed email security is designed to meet the needs of today's enterprises - making it simple to manage and control your email security policy.

Why choose Mail Fighter for your Antispam Antivirus Problems?
  • It offers the most up-to-date email security available - continuously updated and managed by professional team of people.
  • Instant protection - implementing the service is simple: it can take less than 30 minutes and requires no hardware or software.
  • Provides business continuity by ensuring uninterrupted service.
  • Real-time configuration and policy management.
  • Powerful end-user self service features reduce pressure on IT resources.
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